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Comedy of Errors (Spanish style) in at least 2 acts


Friday I experienced what can only seem to happen to me and only then in Spain.

After a week away, I returned to Valencia Airport. Paid the car park ticket at the machine (as instructed by the car park office when I dropped the car off) then the 5 minute walk to long term car park. Rats .. I'd left the inside light on in my car and had a flat battery - ah well, phoned the Insurance Company

Insurance & car park office in English, everyone else in Spanish

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books about spain if working or retired.


If you search for the interesting internet newspaper VALENCIA INTERNATIONAL and click on CULTURE you will find an article describing the writing activities, in English and Castellaño, of local english author Dick/Richard Handscombe under the headings lifestyle, gardening and management. All the books are available from Amazon Books.

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Keeping your business on track


Many expats enjoying the continuing good weather are still running businesses from a Spanish deck chair by the pooll, actively in the UK as they live only in Spain for a few months a year or actively in Spain as they are not yet retired and have a growing business to contend with. Which ever box you fot into businesses are being observed daily by customers, suppliers, staff, potential new recruits,government departments, banks, competitors etc daily especially in terms of the emergent culture of the company.

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The banks strike back!


Oh dear!

A year ago i blogged congratulating the banks on a speedy money transfer (UK to Spain in 18 hours) ... unfortunately the Bad Old Days have returned

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How to quickly transfer money to Spain


I'm staggered, amazed, gob-smacked - take your choice - I've just had to transfer a sizeable amount of money from the UK to Spain. I use a transfer company (Currencies Direct) to move money from the UK because it's cheap (as in free) and quick .. when I last did this the whole process took about a week (which is reasonable) - 3 days to transfer the money to the transfer company and another 3 days for the money to get to my account in Spain. This time the whole process took less than a day!!

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After some 4+ man-years of effort, Infoloko has finally arrived. There is still a lot of work to do adding some new features (classified adverts and services) but these should be in place shortly.

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