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Fuente Álamo de Murcia

Fuente Alamo
Postal Code: 
Town Hall: 
[+34] 968597001
Local Police: 
[+34] 968598970
Guardia Civil: 
[+34] 968597035
Health Centre: 
[+34] 968598507

- 1st weekend of June : Feria de Ganados -
2nd fortnight of August : Fiestas de San Agustin

Fuente Álamo de Murcia is a town and municipality in the Region of Murcia, southern Spain. It is situated 22 km northwest of Cartagena and 35 km south west of Murcia. The town lies in the basin of the Mar Menor surrounded by the mountains of Algarrobo, Los Gómez, Los Victorias and the Carrascoy.

The water from these mountains flows down into the Rambla de Fuente Álamo and then onto the Mar Menor. The highest point in the region is the "Eagles Rock" at 1,066m, situated in the Carrascoy mountains.

The 273 km ² of the municipality is divided into several  hamlets. The nine hamlets (pedanias) of the municipality of Fuente Alamo are:

  • Las Palas
  • Balsapintada
  • Cuevas de Reyllo
  • La Pinilla
  • El Estrecho de Fuente Álamo
  • Los Cánovas
  • Los Almagros
  • El Escobar
  • Los Paganes
Places of Interest: 
  • Iglesia Parroquial de San Agustín
  • Ermita de San Roque
  • Aljibón de Corverica
  • Mojón de la fuente del álamo
  • Puente Viejo o de San Francisco
  • Casa de Don Juan Pérez
  • Busto de Don Ricardo Ortega
  • Fuente de Don José Maestre
  • Museo del Agua
  • Museo Fuente Álamo
Fuente Álamo de Murcia