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La búsqueda tiene que estar basada en un lugar (puede ser una región, una provincia, una comarca, una ciudad o un pueblo.

  • para ver un sitio específico - introduce el nombre en el recuadro "Escriba un topónimo" y selecciona el nombre cuando aparezca - la pagina para este sitio se desplegará con opciones de información
  • para encontrar un sitio pincha en "Ubicaciones" y selectiona o pincha en el mapa (hasta encontrar el sitio que buscas)

Para actividades y alojamiento - pincha en la opción del menu donde encontraras una lista de las differentes actividades/alojamientos, y aparece un listado de los lugares donde puedes encontrarlos.

Si no puedes encontrar lo que buscas, por favor contacta con nosotros (utilice la opción Contactanos). Tambien nos gustaria conocer tus comentarios y opiniones.


Infoloko's Blogs

building a house in Spain, the land

Want to build your own house in Spain? Then you should read this blog which is the true story of our project to build our home here in the Sun. All our problems, worries and successes will be here. Along the way we'll try to explode the myth's and mis-information, advise on the do's and don't's but above all else we'll tell you what has happened and still is happening to us as we build our dream home.

Our Computing blog written by Infoloko's designer, Graham (with over 35 years experience in the UK's computer industry).

Drupaloko - web dfesign blog featuring drupal

A blog for all those budding web-site designers out there! Although based around the Drupal CMS, whatever CMS you use this will be of great interest ... don't know what a CMS is? Then start reading! This blog's focus is simply about building your own website. Email - or comment - if there is a subject you want explained.

Our Fishing in Spain blog, hosted by a local angler.

Our general blog - anything that doesn't fit into our more specific blogs!

The Healthy Living in Spain blog is written by Richard (Dick) Handscombe who has lived and gardened in Spain for almost thirty years. As the traditional agricultural activity in the valley declined and ceased to be even vaguely ecological, he and his wife Clodagh set out - for health and economic reasons - to grow the majority of their food, and to do so ecologically. They have written some 21 books, together and separately, many of them about various aspects of healthy living and gardening to both of which they take a holistic approach. Month by month, Dick will discuss essential issues related to healthy natural living in Spain.

Contributed by Dick Handscombe - Spain's best known expatriate gardening author - who has gardened here now for 26 years. Dick has written a series of gardening books and more than a thousand articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as doing radio and television spots.

Blog author Richard Handscombe's intention is to provide practical ideas for all walkers, from the one-hour stroller to the stronger one-day walkers, not forgetting those hardier types interested in two month treks! He has lived and walked in Spain for over 25 years. As a joint celebration of his retirement, recovery from cancer, proving his earlier ski-shocked knees were now repaired and taking his first pension draw-down, Richard walked 950 kilometres in 52 days (including six rest days). With just his then novia Clodagh and with no mobile phone to interupt the peace of the wilderness, the walk started at the Bay of Biscay and ended on the Mediterranean Beaches. That was some years ago and now, at 76 years young, Richard says he will not be repeating this feat - it was a one off personal oddysey, He still walks most days in and above the Spanish mountain valley in which he lives. In Richards own words, "I look forward to giving you some proven ideas, but be patient as it is simply not possible to cover Spain in just a few posts"


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