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Postal Code: 
Town Hall: 
[+34] 968358600
Local Police: 
[+34] 968358750
Guardia Civil: 
[+34] 968879747
Health Centre: 
[+34] 968394823
  • Semana Santa
  • Fiestas Primavera : The week after Resurrection
  • Feria de Septiembre : 1st fortnight of September, Moros y Cristianos, Virgen de la Fuensanta.

Murcia  a major city in south-eastern Spain, is the capital and most populous city of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, and the seventh largest city in the country.. It is located on the Segura River, in the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, noted by a mild climate with hot summers, mild winters, relatively low precipitation.

Murcia was founded by the emir of Cordoba Abd ar-Rahman II in 825 AD with the name Mursiyah مرسية and is now mainly a services city and a university town.  The city, as the capital of the comarca Huerta de Murcia is called Europe’s orchard due to its long agricultural tradition and as a fruits, vegetables and flowers producer and exporter.

Murcia has some industry, with foreign companies choosing it as a location for factories, such as Henry Milward & Sons (which manufactures surgical and knitting needles) and American firms like General Electric and Paramount Park Studios.

During the 2000s, the economy of the region turned towards "residential tourism" in which people from northern European countries have a second home in the area. Europeans and Americans are able to learn Spanish in the academies in the town center.

The economy of Murcia is supported by fairs and congresses, museums, theatres, cinema, music, aquariums, bullfighting, restaurants, hotels, camping, sports, foreign students, and tourism

Places of Interest: 
Casco Antiguo
  • Palacio Episcopal
  • Casa Consistorial
  • el Casino
Arquitectura Religiosa
  • Monasterio de Santa Clara la Real
  • Iglesia de San Pedro
  • El Claustro del antiguo Convento de la Merced,
  • Iglesia de San Miguel
  • Convento de las Agustinas del Corpus Christi
  • Convento de las Anas,
  • Iglesia del Carmen
  • Iglesia de San Nicolás de Bari
  • la Iglesia de Santa Eulalia
  • Iglesia de San Juan Bautista
  • Iglesia de San Lorenzo y San Bartolomé
  • Catedral de Santa María
Arquitectura Civil
  • Muralla Árabe
  • Palacio Pacheco
  • Palacio del Almudí
  • Palacio de los Saavedra, actual Colegio Mayor Azarbe.
  • Palacio de Fontes
  • Palacio de los Pérez-Calvillo
  • Palacio de Floridablanca,
  • Palacio de la Inquisición
  • Jardín de Floridablanca
  • Teatro Romea
  • Mercado de Verónicas
  • Cuartel de Artillería.
  • Puente de los Peligros
  • Puente de Vistabella,
  • Puente del Hospital
  • Puentes de la Fica,


24 Fps Producciones

Ermita Remediois,13
30006 Murcia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 968300463


Bravo Studios

Av. Gran Via Salzillo,28
30005 Murcia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 660968797


Cine Centrofama

Puerta Nueva, s/n
30008 Murcia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 968247530


Cine El Tiro

Centro Comercial El Tiro
Av. Severo Ochoa, s/n
30100 Murcia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 968838959


Cine Rex

Vara del Rey, s/n
30001 Murcia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 968221907


Cine Thader

Av. Juan de Borbón, s/n
30110 Murcia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 968385783


Cine Zig Zag

Av. Juan Carlos I, 19
30009 Murcia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 968292345

Auditorio de Algezares

Plaza Miguel Ángel Clares, s/n
30157 Murcia

Auditorio de Beniaján

C/ Antonia Maymón, s/n
30570 Murcia

Auditorio de Cabezo de Torres

C/ Francisco Rabal,s/n
Cabezo de Torres
30110 Murcia

Auditorio de la Alberca

C/ Carlos Valcárcel, s/n
La Alberca
30150 Murcia

Teatro Romea

Plaza de Julián Romea, 7
30001 Murcia

Centro de Interpretación de la Muralla Árabe de Santa Eulalia

Plaza Santa Eulalia
30003 Murcia

The santa eulalia becomes a benchmark of arab defensive architecture with the opening of the visitor center wall. The project consists of a two-story building that shows visitors the history of the … [more]

Museo de Arqueología de Murcia (MAM)

Avda. Alfonso X El Sabio, 7
30008 Murcia


the archaeological museum of murcia was created by royal order of the ministry of development on july 6, 1864,  thanks to the contributions of the provincial commission … [more]

Museo de la Ciencia y el Agua

Plaza de la Ciencia, 1
30002 Murcia

The museum of science and water of murcia is part of the municipal museum network of the city of murcia.

Opened in december 1996, the museum aims to encourage the curious and to bring the public to science … [more]

Museo de Santa Clara

Avenida Alfonso X el Sabio, 1
30001 Murcia

El real monasterio de santa clara de murcia es uno de los inmuebles más representativos de la región de murcia, pues su fisonomía ha cambiado a medida que acontecían importantes hitos políticos … [more]

Museo Taurino

Calle del Actor Francisco Rabal,
30009 Murcia

The bullfighting museum of murcia is located in the same facilities of club taurino-founded in 1887 - on calle francisco rabal, salitre garden. The museum collection arises … [more]