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La Saidia

Town Hall: 
[+34] 963525478
Health Centre: 
[+34] 963487078
Beltrán Ibañez Marxalenes
[+34] 963490429
Domingo Olmos Trinidad
[+34] 963605796
Navarro Castelló Sant Antoni
[+34] 963651162
BF Morvedre
[+34] 963664363
Eliseo Vicent Marxalenes
[+34] 963493626
Lourdes Corugedo Trinidad
[+34] 963614561
Monleon Perez Trinidad
[+34] 963610365
Montserrat Beltrán Morvedre
[+34] 963664663
Oria Costa Tormos
[+34] 963655050
Alonso L. Morvedre
[+34] 963653562
Alabau CB Tormos
[+34] 963481674
Oria Tormos
[+34] 963656050

Zaidia (La Saidia) is district no 5 of Valencia City, located north of the Old City and includes the barrios (sub-districts) of Marxalenes, Morvedre, Trinitat, Tormos and Sant Antoni. 

La Saidia

Hotel 4-star

Expo Hotel Valencia

Avda. Pio Xll 4
46009 la saidia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 963033600

Hotel 4-star

Hotel Turia

Profesor Beltran Baguena 2
46009 la saidia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 963470000

Hotel 4-star

NH Center

Ricardo Mico, 1
46009 la saidia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 963475000

Hotel 5-star

The Westin Valencia

Amadeo de Saboya, 16
46010 La Saidia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 963625900

Mediterranean - Mercado Restaurant

Joaquin Schmidt

Calle Visitación 7
46009 la saidia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 963401710

Mediterranean - Mercado Restaurant


Llano De Zaidia 16
46009 la saidia

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 963384833

Monasterio de La Trinidad

Trinidad, 13
46021 Valencia

Body_value… [more]
  • Telephone:
    [+34] 963605255