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Marxequera (Marchuquera in castellano) is a valley in the comarca of La Safor in the province of Valencia,Spain.

Mainly belonging to Gandia, Marxuquera comprises the area west of the town of Gandia, bounded by the Serra Falconera (central) and Serra Grossa (western) mountains and by the towns of Palma de Gandia and Ador.  Covering some 750 hectares it forms just over 12 per cent of the town of Gandia.

Its natural features have been responsible for separating Marxuquera in two distinct parts, leaving the centre to the Falconera mountain, The Raco de Tomba exactly marks the boundary between Alta and Baixa Marxuquera.

Although the name Marxuquera is used to include the valley up to the limits of Rótova, Palma de Gandia, Beniopa and La Drova, strictly the name applies to the houses that were built around Marxuquera Chapel (dedicated to the beloved Virgin of Montduver).

The valley is included in the Route of the Monasteries of Valencia - a monumental route opened in 2008.


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