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Postal Code: 
Town Hall: 
[+34] 962400450
Local Police: 
[+34] 962459253
Guardia Civil: 
[+34] 962456006
Health Centre: 
[+34] 962457421
Aparisi Peiro J.L
[+34] 962410306
Armengol Richart
[+34] 962975045
Bellver Ramirez
[+34] 962411546
Bertomeu Cabrera
[+34] 962410227
Castera Montalva
[+34] 962403836
Centro Farmaceutico
[+34] 962400054
Esparza Botella
[+34] 962414043
Esparza Vila
[+34] 962411527
Frasquet del Toro
[+34] 962414642
Terol Castera
[+34] 962410434
Martarell Bosch
[+34] 962411786
Pastor Bolufer
[+34] 962418282
Rodriguez Alvarez
[+34] 962413087
Sifre Puig
[+34] 962418343

17-25 July : San Bernardo, Moros y Cristianos in October

Alzira (Spanish: Alcira) is a town and municipality in the comarca of Ribera Alta in the province of Valencia. Alzira is the Capital of La Ribera Alta


Hotel 2-star

La Masia

Avda. De Los Deportes S/n
46600 Alzira

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 962403929

Hotel 3-star

Avenida Plaza

Avda. Santos Patronos 36
46600 Alzira

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 962411108

Hotel 3-star

Lluna Hotel

Dret D' Associacio S/n,
46600 Alzira

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 962448010

Hotel 3-star


Sueca 14
46600 Alzira

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 962403061

Antón + Baldoví

Plaza Generalitat, 12
46600 Alzira