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Postal Code: 
Town Hall: 
[+34] 964120161
Guardia Civil [Emergency]: 
Health Centre: 
[+34] 964133280
Juan de Dios Torres Comes
[+34] 964120200
  • The first days of September: NS de Loreto, Los Santos Martires Victorio y Peregrino

Bejís (Begis in  Valenciano) is a Spanish municipality located in the Valencian Community, Spain. Located in the province of Castellón, in the comarca Alto Palencia. It is located south of the province.

Its economy is based on agriculture and livestock farms. At the beginning of this century the mills are replaced by power plants, today all of  this has disappeared and today bottled water, along with internal tourism, continues to drive its economy.

Places of Interest: 
  • Iglesia Parroquial. 
  • Ermita de San Blas
  • Ermita de la Virgen de Loreto.
  • Acueducto 
  • Castillo  .
  • Granero del Infante 
  • Peñaescabia  
  • Fuente de los Cloticos.


Los Cloticos

Ptda. Los Cloticos, s/n
12430 Bejís

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 964764015

Hostel Restaurant

El Tren Pita

C/ Virgen de Loreto, 3
12430 Bejís

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 964120164

Rural Hotel

Casa Rural El Portal

C/ Pedro Bustamante,1
12430 Bejís

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 600768299

Hostel Restaurant

El Tren Pita

C/ Virgen de Loreto, 3
12430 Bejís

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 964120164

Museo de Etnología

Ctra Estación, s/n
12430 Bejís