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La Vila Joiosa

Postal Code: 
Town Hall: 
[+34] 966851001
Local Police: 
[+34] 965890050
Guardia Civil: 
[+34] 965891143
Health Centre: 
[+34] 965890784

24-31 Julio : Santa Marta + Moros y Cristianos.

Villajoyosa or La Vila Joiosa (Valencian) is a coastal town and municipality in the province of Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea.

It is the historic and administrative capital of the comarca of Marina Baixa and is located 32 km from the city of Alicante, in the coastal area known as Costa Blanca (White Coast). La Vila Joiosa literally means Joyful Village, although the inhabitants often abbreviate it to La Vila. It has over three kilometers of beaches, including La Platja Centre (Central Beach), close to the city centre. The river Amadòrio runs through La Vila.

The area is famous for its chocolate industry and tourism. One of the most popular tourist attractions is its Gothic Catholic church, with a Baroque altar piece. The town is also important for its festival of Moros y Cristianos, declared an International Tourist Interest Festival.

Places of Interest: 
  • Conjunto histórico-artístico de La Villa.
  • Torre del Aguiló. 
  • Torre de Dalt.
  • Torre del Baix o de Xauxelles. 
  • Torre del Charco.
  • Torre de la Cruz.
  • Torre La Torreta. 
  • Torre Simeón. 
  • Torre de Sant Josep (oficial: Torre de Hércules).  
  • Museo chocolates Valor. 
  • Museo municipal.
  • Casa Museo La Barbera dels Aragonés.
  • Playas: Playa Paraíso, El Bol Nou, La Caleta, Playa Centro, Racó del Conill, Playa del Torres, Playa Estudiantes, Playa del Varadero, Playa del Tío Roig, Playa del Esparelló, Playa del Charco, Puntes del Moro.
La Vila Joiosa


AJL Mechanics

Pol. Ind. Partida Torres, 5
03570 Villajoyosa

  • Telephone:
    [+34] 966850672
  • [+34] 666758667