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satellite orbiting above the earthChris Hallamore spent six years installing satellite and terrestrial TV systems in Valencia Province, now retired from this vocation he has produced this guide for D.I.Y enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about installing and maintaining satellite systems.

It's an unfortunate thing but there are many D.I.Y individuals who think they know all the answers and pass on a great deal of misinformation to their friends and colleagues. I recommend that the majority of people use professional installers to install and repair their systems. Unfortunately it is difficult for the public to separate the professionals from the "cowboys"

Recently there has been a change in satellites beaming TV to the UK. The result is that the beam from the new satellite Astra 1N covers all of Valencia Province with a strong signal. There is now no need for installing huge dishes. In most places all you need is an 80 cm dish. However I would recommend a 1 m dish for poor weather conditions.

Of course there is also Digital Terrestrial TV. The programs are transmitted in Spanish but usually also with the original language, in which case the language can be switched to English where the original content is in English. TV channels are also available via the internet.

In the following sections I'll present a wide range of information on TV for English viewers in Valencia Province.

Good Viewing