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Information is generally based around a 'place', which can be a region, province, comarca (county), city, town or village.

  • To see a specific place - type its name into the "Type a placename" box (selecting the name when you see it appear) - the page for that place will be displayed with tabs for information.
  • To browse down through a region - click the "Locations" button and start selecting, or click on the map (hover to see the region's name).

For activities and accomodation - click on the relevant menu button and you will see a list of types of activity/accomodation together with a list places where they occur. Click on the place name for more details.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please let us know (use the menu item Contact Us). We'd also like to hear any comments you'd care to make.


The Rules

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The Rules

No one likes rules but they are an essential element of any community. The following are the rules and regulations enforced on this forum. You are expected to know these rules, and ignorance of them will not be an acceptable defence if you break them.

Although written in a somewhat 'tongue-in-cheek' style, they are simple and based on common-sense.

Basic Posting Rules

On Personal Information:

Would you: put an advert in a newspaper telling everyone you were away?, have the radio give your address or phone number to the waiting world? tell your neighbourssome highñy personal (and embarassing) fact about yourself? .. so why do it here where potentially (maybe actuially) we have a bigger audience! Keep personal information off the internet (not just here). So don't post phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses etc. - in fact ANY personal information. If you really must give this type of information to another member then use the contact form.

On Language:

Although this is a multilingual site – and this is a multilingual forum - English is the main communications language of the world and is the main language of the forum .. it is in your best interests to use it. Additionally, you are expected to use it properly. Internet slang, “1337-speak,” nonsensical abbreviations like “ur” and other abuses of the language are simply not acceptable. Such slang is really just the digital form of diarrhoea, and that’s no good for you, or anyone one else here. We don’t want your crap on the walls. Slang makes posts harder to read, and since the basic tenet (look it up!) of a forum is to communicate, it is expected that your communications be legible. To that end, it is also in your best interests to post using proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and so on.

On New Topics:

Posts will be made in the appropriate forum, and posters should check for similar topics before they post. Additionally, do not flood a forum by posting a bunch of topics in a short amount of time.

On Topic Titles:

You will not use deceptive topic titles. The topic title must be an accurate reflection of the subject you mean to discuss. Having non-deceptive topic titles allows a member to more easily find a topic they’re searching for.

On Editing:

Edit sparingly. Editing a post after it has been responded to in order to change the context of the original statements, or to make it appear that you said something completely different, may result in the removal of your ability to edit. If it's simply because you aren't thinking your posts through, you should make the appropriate adjustment: think your post through before submission. It is recommended that you correct spelling and grammar errors before you submit, but editing to make corrections in spelling and grammar is fine.

On Spoilers:

Any spoilers (ie the plot/ending etc.) regarding movies, books, television shows, video games, or other media should be marked clearly when posted (we suggest adding the phrase "(spoiler)" at the end of the title)

On Flaming (insulting) and Bullying:

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable in any civilised society as is Flaming (sustained insulting) so don’t do it; if you can’t win an argument logically then maybe you’re wr..wr…wr…wrong! We understand that certain people are deserving of insult but this is not the place for it. So, bullying and flaming will result in disciplinary action.

On Deception:

On the internet it is incredibly easy to pretend that you are someone - or something - you’re not, and here on Infoloko, we believe it is extremely undesirable to attempt to be dishonest in such a way. Lies concerning your identity or background may result in disciplinary action, should your deception be uncovered. Frankly, we don’t want our forum filled with middle-aged overweight men pretending to be seventeen year-old girls. It’s just creepy. Additionally, liars generally aren’t the kind of company we’re interested in keeping here.

On Pornography:

Images or other media that displays nudity or sexual content must not be posted anywhere on the forum. Links however, may be tolerated - when accompanied by a clear warning -, as decided by the staff on a case-by-case basis.

On Illegal Material:

Offering or requesting illegal material of any kind (Pirated software, cracks, etc.) is not permitted.

On Advertising:

Advertising is only permitted in your signature and the Website field of your profile, in other words you may advertise what you do and how to obtain your services. In your signature, you may either have a text link or a single image linking your site, but not both. Advertising items for sale or items that are advertised anywhere else on Infoloko will result in disciplinary action.

On Trolling:

Trolling, which we define as posting with the sole intent to annoy, irritate, or anger is unacceptable. To be clear, posts that exist only to stir up trouble will not be tolerated.

On Vendettas:

You will not follow members around, harassing them in topics they post in simply because you dislike them. If you genuinely disagree with a member frequently, fine, but posting simply to irritate, annoy, or humiliate the member in question will probably result in unpleasant repercussions.

On Useless Posts:

Known in most circles as “Spam,” a useless post is one that is off-topic, does not contribute, or is otherwise annoying. We don’t tolerate them here.

On Private Messages:

If you are found to be harassing another member via the private messaging system, you will be immediately subjected to harsh punishment, with no warning given. Generally, you will be banned.

Debate Rules

On Controversial Opinions:

The staff of Infoloko will not punish opinions that are unfavourable, unpleasant, or unpopular. Exceptions to this will be made in extreme cases, such as those involving racism, bigotry, and so on, although we do not want to stop discussion on these emotive subjects.

On Proper Arguments:

Making unsupported arguments is frowned upon.

On Concession:

If you lose an argument, we expect you to concede. Bullshit such as pretending that you were “playing Devil’s advocate” is frowned upon and will probably result in your ridicule.

Profile Rules

On Avatars:

Avatars may not exceed 100x100 pixels. All avatars are subject to the approval of the administration. If the administration decides your avatar is overly irritating, offensive, or is determined to have already been in use by another member, you will be asked to remove it.

On Signatures:

The total dimensions of the image(s) in your signature may not exceed 200x100 pixels. Also, signature's text size may not be changed. All signatures are subject to the approval of the administration. If the administration decides your signature is overly irritating or offensive, you will be asked to remove it.

On Multiple Accounts:

Multiple accounts for a single member are not allowed. Using more than one account will result in the deletion of your additional accounts without further warning.

On Account Deletion:

Members who demand that their account be deleted will be ignored. There are several reasons why we don't delete accounts, such as all posts made by that member being reverted to “Guest”, and the possibility of bad records resulting in the database.

Administrative Rules

On Complaints:

If a member is breaking one or more of the rules listed here, contact a staff member with the URL of the topic where the offence took place. The staff will then deal with the situation as they see fit.

On Backseat Moderating:

You will not tell the staff how to do their jobs. They were chosen - rather than you - for a reason. Demands made to the moderators or administrators will not only be ignored, but they will likely annoy staff members to the point where unpleasant things may happen to you.

On the Rights of the Staff:

The administrators and moderators are afforded the same rights as any other member. Specifically, staff members are entitled to argue, bitch, and moan about their opinions just like everyone else. Complaints that a staff member is acting inappropriately simply because he or she has argued with you will be ignored.

On the Rules:

Requests for the rules to be changed will be ignored. We do not care what the rules are like at your forum, your friend’s forum, or anyone else’s forum. Demands that we enforce rules not mentioned here will almost certainly result in you being ridiculed. If you don’t like the way we operate, you should either learn to adapt or leave, or we will make you leave!

On Administrator/Moderator Editing:

You are not allowed to remove the edit made by a moderator or administrator. If you are caught doing so, more action will be taken against you. The edit should remain as an example to others.

On Abuse of Power:

Complaints that a staff member is abusing his or her power will be ignored. If you think this is happening, you’re wrong. We make the rules and we decide how to enforce them. Furthermore, if a staff member is, in fact, acting inappropriately, we probably already know about it, and will deal with the problem ourselves.

Those who pre-emptively or falsely accuse a moderator of “abuse of power” (a tactic commonly used by trolls to dissuade enforcement of the rules) will be punished.

On Precedent:

This forum does not operate on precedent. This means that disciplinary actions taken in one case do not automatically apply in another similar case. The staff decides what punishment is appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

On Compliance:

Failure to comply with the wishes of a staff member will generally result in further disciplinary actions.

On Member Rights:

These rules exist to define what is acceptable and what is not. However, attempting to use the rules to justify your actions, or attempt to illustrate your “rights” when accused of acting inappropriately is useless. If you find a hole in the rules, a rule that does not exist, or a rule that permits action we don’t approve of, we will simply change the rules, and proceed to punish you accordingly. Additionally, you will most likely be flamed to a crisp for trying to use our own rules against us in the first place.

On Post Deletion:

At Infoloko we do not delete posts, except in cases of spam or duplication. This means we will not delete posts containing views we disagree with, disapprove of, or dislike. For members, this means we will absolutely not fulfill any request to delete the posts of a departing member. By registering you waive any right - as if you had one to begin with - to request your posts be removed from the board.